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Specializing in prosthetic makeup and practical effects for film, television, and theatrical performances, SPFX Makeup Studio creates some of the highest quality makeups in the industry. Since our founding in 2015, SPFX Makeup Studio has had one goal: to create reality out of even the most dramatic visions. We do not settle for mediocrity and we go the extra mile to make sure that each of our clients gets exactly what they want. If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life.


Brett Schmidt and Greg Pikulski are Emmy-nominated special effects makeup artists who have spent more than 10 years each working in the field. With credit given to award-winning makeup designers Adrien Morot and Mike Marino, Brett and Greg now show the skills they honed while working alongside the renowned artists who trained them.


Since opening their shop in 2015, Brett Schmidt and Greg Pikulski have become well-known names in the film and television industry. SPFX has become synonymous with high-quality work and creative engineering. The owners of SPFX Makeup Studio are in high demand and have earned the praise of directors, producers, and industry publications for the unique vision and meticulous artistry they bring to the world of prosthetic makeup.



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